Monday, January 16, 2006

More Fuschi fiction about DevCorp North

Gary Fuschi has done a good job at obfuscation and twisting the truth in his diatribe against DevCorp North. His basic thesis that DevCorp North should have "Solved" the North of Howard housing problem is bunk because DevCorp has never made housing development part of its mission.

He went further in stretching the truth by saying DevCorp has no plan nor has it engged the community in trying to formulate one:

"No one could have faulted DevCorp, had they consulted the community as they should have and in the process, made us partners in a genuine effort at reform. If somehow, the effort was not as succesful as planned, we could all share the responsibility and build on that experience as a community. But to make NO revitalization effort NOH is simply unacceptable. Excluding us from actively participating in the planning of our own community is inexcusable. Community development without the Community: How wrong is that?And now, DevCorp has no one to share the blame with, but themselves."


Even Craig has blogged about DevCorp's planning process.

And DevCorp's blog recently had an update about the process last week.

Hang it up Gary.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Craig litters neighborhood with his flyers

I was walking down Farwell this morning with my husband on the way to church, when I noticed flyers for Craig's hellish blog on the ground by the curb. Then I saw that he had placed flyers under the windshield wiper of all the cars on the blog.

Thanks for littering the neighborhood with your flyers, Craig.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gateway spurs local jobs and investment

Gary wrote: "Gateway Mall was advertised as an anchor project for our neighborhood that once built, would spur investment and create local jobs."

Gary Gary, Gary. Look all around you. See all the new development that has happened in RP since Gateway Plaza opened. Look at the north end of Sheridan, where there's a 60-unit development with the top price unit going for at least $850,000.

Look at all conversions North of Howard -- contrary to the nonsense you post on your blog. Do you think those would have happened without the Gateway development? I think not.

Look at the 1600 block of Farwell. Over the last two years there have been at least 200 unit converted to condo. Same with the 1600 block of Pratt. Open your eyes Gary.

And what about jobs?

Ask the people who work at Dominicks and the other stores at Gateway. Those are local jobs. There must be at leat 100-200 jobs there at Gateway. I personally know at leat 10 people who work there.

Local jobs.

DevCorp North efforts attract pizza place at Jarvis

Gary asks: "How can we expect prospective businesses to trust a community development agency that doesn’t understand basic economic cause and effect?"

Fact: DevCorp North has implemented its commercial corridor revitalization plan. One result shows with the planned Jarvis Square opening of Gruppo Di Amici, located in the old Jarvis Liquors store.

Will Section 8 tenants march with Toni?

Toni gets lots of credit for arranging a King Day march on Sunday.

I hope she flyered at the buildings of her Section 8 friends.

Howard Watcher Fuschi barks up the wrong tree

Gary Fuschi likes to blame DevCorp North for the problems north of Howard. He says DevCorp should have tackled the housing problems there. The only problem with the argument is the fact that DevCorp never claimed that housing issues were in their purview. This is their mission statement:

"DevCorp North's mission is to improve the business and economic climate of Rogers Park through economic development, community development and chamber of commerce activities. We value the diversity of Rogers Park and diligently work to enhance it through balanced growth."

Do you see the word "housing" in there? Nope, neither do I. So Gary is barking up the wrong tree with his nice, worthless three-part essay.